Timer of Nightbot doesn’t work? Try this!!

Hi, I’m KIMONO streamer Cocco.

Today I write “How to use Timer function in Nightbot?”
It’s very difficult to figure out, and many people are confused to use it.
So I decided to write it to here.

No message or “the alias you set this command to be of does not exist”?

If you get no message or “the alias you set this command to be of does not exist” from chatbox, this article may help you.
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First: Set Timer

If you want to have message “Donation is welcome!” Once 12mins after 2 lines appeared in the chatbox.

Write “!donation

Write “$(query)

Select 12

Chat Lines
Select 2

Write “!donation


Second: Use Chatbox in Your Channel

Next, go to your channel and write

!commands add !donation Donation is welcome!

This means
!commands add (name of your command) (message)


Confirm the command by writing !donation to chatbox, if you get “Donation is welcome!”, it works.
Continue to write something in the box and test the timer.
You can confirm Timer is working.
Hope this will help you.

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