Why not send Virtual Sushi to Someone?

Hi, I’m KIMONO streamer Cocco!

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I’ll introduce Sending Virtual Sushi Service “Osushi” to you!

What’s “Osushi”?

So, if you’re in Japan, you can change sushi you got to foods or Amazon gift cards, but,if you’re not in Japan, you CAN’T change sushi you got to something but send it to someone.

How to send Sushi to someone?

For instance, let’s try to send me a sushi.
First, push this button.
お寿司を送る Send a sushi

Login with Twitter account

You will find this page.

Click the underline I hilited with green circle.
You need to enter your twitter account and password.

Send Sushi

After log in.
You can find the button turned pink.

Now you can select how many sushi you wanna send.
0 will be ocha. It means tea. You can send Ocha by free.
3 to 10 will be some sushi. 3 cost 300yen ($2.82), 5 cost 500yen($4.70), 10 cost 1000yen($9.41).

You can write a message, if you want.
And If you need to hide your name, clickthe checkbox.

Press the pink button to send.



If you chose 3 to 10 sushi, you have to pay after sending.

Write your name and credit card information.
And press the blue button,

Finally, you can send sushi!! Congratulation!!

Why Sushi?

As you know we Japanese have habits to eat raw fish.
Especially sushi is so famous and popular here.
But it’s a little expensive, so sushi is a good example as a reward or celebration for something.

Through this service, you can show your message to someone in Japan by Japanese way.
If you’re interested in it, why not try? 🙂

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